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We are Invertus.

We create better e-commerce
experiences for everyone.

About us

We help companies all over the world by providing scalable eCommerce solutions. We believe in our clients’ continuous growth and we are proud of being a part of their success stories. We are proud to have developed API integrations and complex PrestaShop solutions for DPD group, Mollie, VIABILL and other great companies with whom we share the same values.

What we do

E-shop creation

Let’s build something your clients will love. Disciplined in agile methods, our test-driven techniques offer the best results with API’s and custom development to bring your digital products to life. We have expertise in eShop development from the ground up, as well as integrating enterprise-level business solutions for eCommerce websites.

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Support & Maintenance

Our customer support team is dedicated to providing a swift response to your every inquiry. We take pride in long-term business partnerships with our clientele. Making sure that the entire IT-infrastructure is cost-effective and reliable for our customers is paramount to us.


PrestaShop has a lot of tools and resources to offer. Unless you have an entire team dedicated to setting up, customizing, and maintaining your PrestaShop’ site, it’s almost impossible to do everything on your own. Third-party software integrations can be as simple as integrating different payment solutions or as complex as building an entire software application to make your accounting easier. We create different types of modules depending on different functionalities as well as adapt or modify third-parties’ solutions on a need-to-need basis.

Development & Onboarding

Having spent all these years working with top eCommerce brands, we will make sure that your solution is seamlessly adapted to the PrestaShop platform in the best possible way. As a Platinum PrestaShop company specializing in third-party integrations for payment, shipment, marketing, and other solutions, it is our highest priority to make sure that every solution we integrate has the best fit to PrestaShop platform.

 Post-launch services

We provide technical support which will give you extra reassurance to make sure that your business solution is successfully operating. We will proactively take care of any bugs or other problems that newly-released solutions might experience to make your integration experience to PrestaShop seamless.

Connecting solutions with new customers

PrestaShop has one of the biggest active communities with more than 1,000,000+ members worldwide. More than 300,000 merchants are searching for and implementing new eBusiness solutions to grow their digital business everyday. Since we are responsible for events, trade shows and active communication with PrestaShop community in North Europe, we can help your business growth by connecting you with new prospects.

Web applications

At Invertus, we’re never about one-size fits all because you and your business case are unique. We provide Symfony-based scalable eCommerce solutions. We and other well-known brands such as Spotify, BlaBlaCar, Vogue France believe in great possibilities that the Symfony framework provides. Better security, faster development, and easier maintainability are only a few things why big brands adore this framework. In addition, we provide Symfony development training around the globe.

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API development

Most modern applications such as Skyscanner, Yahoo Finance use APIs to build the core of their applications. Whether you’re looking for a way for your app to handle transactions on the phone or integration with the cloud, we can handle it. We make APIs to seamlessly integrate many different applications.


Compliance is a part of a holistic eCommerce experience as well as our support and maintenance. Our team of certified developers will solve any issues you might experience while integrating your business solutions to the PrestaShop platform. We know that by building confidence and trust, a great experience becomes a trusted quality.

Community events

We believe in constant growth and by being a PrestaShop Strategic partner we have an amazing opportunity to organize events that are a perfect place to get inspired and meet up industrial experts and like-minded people. Invertus’ last conference attracted 200+ people and was held in Kaunas, Lithuania.


Our partnership status gives us great expertise to officially train PrestaShop developers, both individuals, and agencies. Our development team members are among top code contributors building and improving PrestaShop every day.

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We believe in constant growth. By getting certified you will gain not only higher credibility in the PrestaShop community but also receive extra perks such as exclusive opportunities to participate in the biggest PrestaShop conferences and events worldwide.

  • Choosing Invertus ensures that we are working with motivated and pro-active team and it is clearly a key to our project’s success.

    Arnaud Le Brun

    Senior Project Manager, DPDgroup
  • The communication between us was very smooth and easy during the project management process. I felt that they were speaking my language as they easily explained whether and how things should be done on PrestaShop platform. The final results exceeded my expectations.

    Aleksi Koskelo

    Founder of Gymnation
  • First words that come to my mind about Invertus – a highly professional and competent team, that does everything they can to help the client. They have a great sense of ownership when working with our product and are client-oriented as well as doing everything beyond your expectations and its a great pleasure to work with them.

    Aurélien Pelletier

    CTO, Prestashop