The Black Friday preparation strategy for your eCommerce site for the event. Make it longer, more successful, and more profitable

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balck friday preparation strategy

Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) has been the most prominent shopping event in Europe and the USA for years. With globalization and the digitalization of the sector, tradition has spread to countries that previously followed different schedules. The rise of eCommerce resulted in sales skyrocketing even during the Covid-19 pandemic closedown. Numerous famed brands […]

ES parama “Kūrybiniai čekiai COVID-19” smulkiajam verslui. Kvietimas jau paskelbtas!

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Kūrybiniai čekiai covid-19 parama su Invertus

Jei esate gamybos ar paslaugų įmonė ir iki šiol dvejojote, ar atėjo laikas Jūsų įmonės skaitmeninei transformacijai, neatidėliokite šio svarbaus sprendimo toliau. Pasinaudoję ES ir Lietuvos Respublikos Vyriausybės parama “Kūrybiniai čekiai Covid-19”, galite padėti pamatus savo verslo sėkmei ir konkurencingumo augimui su minimaliomis, nuosavomis investicijomis. Ir tai tik pirmasis šio, gyvybiškai svarbaus, proceso etapas. Nors, […]

Will AR and VR finally take off in eCommerce?

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Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented reality (AR) have been a mainstay at numerous retail entrepreneurs’ investment priorities lists over the last several years. Yet, the much-anticipated technologies never took off completely. Although the global lockdowns and extended pandemic crisis have pushed numerous customers to the digital space they also significantly reprioritized the strategic outlook of […]

How do data privacy changes affect eCommerce?

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Unprecedented levels of volatility, uncertainty, and complexity shape our today’s life. The COVID-19 pandemic changes how we work, travel, communicate, shop, and learn. Digital technologies have given people tremendous transparency, choice, and convenience, yet they exposed us to plenty of threats. Security issues will have a huge impact on which of the new digital habits […]

Grow your eCommerce: successfully handle the Black Friday shopping surge!

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Despite rapidly sprouting out during the lockdown, the eCommerce markets across Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania still lag behind the global industry average, signaling there’s plenty of business value to unlock. Yet certain shifts became permanent. Black Friday online shopping is one of them, and it’s growing in significance every year. With the returning restrictions to […]