Invertus is leading e-commerce development company with 10 years of experience primarily in PrestaShop and Symfony development. Based in Lithuania and Denmark, we are one of the few companies in the world to hold an exclusive Premium partnership with PrestaShop as well as the highest status in PrestaShop ecosystem across Scandinavian and Baltic regions and United Kingdom.

This year Invertus together with PrestaShop and Swedbank organizes first official PrestaShop Baltic Meetup in Kaunas, Lithuania.


Alexandre Eruimy
Alexandre Eruimy

CEO - PrestaShop

Aurélien Pelletier
Aurélien Pelletier

CTO - PrestaShop

Linas Gudonavičius
Linas Gudonavičius

CEO - Invertus

Tomas Pigaga
Tomas Pigaga

Project Manager - Swedbank

Arnaud LeBrun
Arnaud LeBrun

Project Manager - DPDgroup

Manon Plommet
Manon Plommet

Agency Manager - PrestaShop

Simone Chimera
Simone Chimera

CCO - Yourpay

Linda Guddat
Linda Guddat

Head of Key Account Sales - Simplesurance

Paul Thomas
Paul Thomas

Head of Integration - Simplesurance





Speeches from the experts


Personal consultations on entering new markets, expanding businesses & their solutions


Personal consultations on UX, UI, CRO, Security and Design


Networking event with coffee, snacks and more!


End of the Meetup

Reasons to join

Learn from the best
Case studies from enterprise-level companies like DPDgroup, Swedbank and Simplesurance and how to provide best solutions to your customers.
It‘s the first official PrestaShop meetup in Baltic region
You will have the opportunity to meet dedicated PrestaShop users, developers and merchants interested in switching over to PrestaShop. You will be able to speak and get advice from the best PrestaShop industry partners, PretaShop official delegates.
Easy-to-find location and free entrance
To celebrate the 10 years anniversary of working together with PrestaShop, this first meetup in Baltics will be free of charge for its visitors.
PrestaShop delegates
This is the one and only Meetup to have PrestaShop‘s CEO and CTO visiting! You will be the first to hear the latest news and best insider tips for PrestaShop!
Like-minded people
Get free audits, advice and knowledge while getting to know members of PrestShop ecosystem.





What is the story behind PrestaShop Meetups?

Every year PrestaShop and its communities around the globe organize various Meetups to have best minds of this community come together to share their knowledge and passion for E-commerce.
It is the first official PrestaShop meetup in Baltic states so far. Event will gather all important parts of PrestaShop ecosystem: merchants, users, Industry partners, developers and PrestaShop admirers to share their experience, discuss about most recent questions, provide support and much more.

What can I expect from PrestaShop Baltics Meetup 2018?

There are a lot of different reasons for you to be here depending whether you‘re a merchant, developer or industry partner. You will be able to meet a lot of like-minded people, hear success stories of shipping, payment and other solutions, learn about newest PrestaShop trends and more.
There will also be a networking session, during which you will be able to meet with CEO and CTO of PrestaShop in person, expand your business with new ideas and contacts, plus get free support from our dedicated Invertus team members, who will be ready to answer any of your questions immediately.

What is PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is an efficient and innovative e-commerce solution with all the features you need to create an online store and grow your business. Currently it has over 1 million community members, more than 250 partner agencies and 270 thousands merchants.

How is Invertus related to this?

Invertus has a Premium PrestaShop partner agency status. This means that Invertus is responsible for PrestaShop ecosystem development in two areas: Scandinavia and Baltic states. This means that we are responsible for organizing local meetups, providing trainings and certifications for local agencies and community members, participating in tradeshows and more. This event is one of the examples that we plan to organize more of in the near future!
After working with PrestaShop for 10 years, we have plenty to share with our community and we hope to see your participation in our events.

I‘m not yet using PrestaShop, but I‘m interested in e-commerce. Should I visit?

Definitely! You‘ll get to learn a lot about e-commerce in general and this will the best introduction to PrestaShop one could expect!

Is this event really free?

Yes, we‘re really happy to make this a free event for the it‘s first time. We hope to gather as much community members as possible so we can share our best knowledge help with the growth of this community!
To celebrate the 10 years anniversary of working together with PrestaShop, this first meetup in Baltics will be free of charge for its visitors.
If you are interested in sponsorships or If you would like to become a partner of this event, please contact us via [email protected]

Do I need to bring my registration confirmation to the meeting?

It‘s beneficial, but not required.


General inquiries: [email protected]

Sponsorships: [email protected]

Organizing team: +370 618 26808

Organizers address:

K. Donelaičio g. 62-522

LT-44248 Kaunas

Office hours: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM