The recent research reveals that Northern countries have the highest growth rates in eCommerce industry. Did you know that Denmark is the 1 st country based on E-Government Index? Take a look into trends to better understand the situation in 2019 Northern Europe eCommerce sector.

References:  Chambers of Commerce of Lithuania,

IT is one of the most fast-changing sectors and sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with the latest technology updates. These days the majority of products and services are being offered as various software solutions and web services. As business owners leverage these technological advancements to raise productivity and increase

Your eCommerce business is booming and you have a successfully operating eShop. Marketing works well and customers love your products. Congrats! As you probably realized, the methods which worked at the beginning of your business now don’t perform that well. If you feel like you hit the ceiling of success

Making sure there’s demand for your product before starting to build it is crucial. Think you have a good product idea? Don’t assume that your product idea is something consumers will purchase, know for sure.

You might have heard this over and over before, but  you need to validate your

The online retail market is developing at very fast rates and customers are searching for more engaging content and highly personalized retail experiences. If you don’t want to be left behind the competition, 3you should start to question your understanding of your prospective customers behaviours and preferences.

What products should

Service quality is the most important thing clients consider when choosing an e-shop development company to provide technical support for their e-shop and help them scale their business in leaps and bounds, against the backdrop of an ever-changing technological ecosystem.
Failure to contact the most sought-after technical support advocates, engineers and

This month Invertus has some exciting news to share - our office in Denmark has grown! Simone Chimera has joined us to be Invertus CCO, responsible for growing PrestaShop presence in the Scandinavian region!
He has a lot of interesting insights, that’s why we want to share our short interview that

Webinars are great to improve your skills. Be it business, design, coding or something else. They are convenient, cheap and the best thing about online courses is that you can learn in a pace comfortable for you, ask questions and get your answers instantly.

Our team also loves webinars. We

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