success story

When it comes to bigger online businesses, big changes can take a lot of time to be planned and fully implemented. Moreover, truly big changes from the ground up can be costly, that’s why sometimes it can be hard to quickly implement change into all the aspects of online business.

But in this situation as in all the others, there are many alternatives that can be taken. This time we want to share a story of working with Camelia pharmacy chain – we want to show that by taking one small step at a time, there can be many positive outcomes as well as a smooth transition to change.

Camelia is a dynamic, flexible, and rapidly expanding chain of low-cost pharmacies with a team of reliable and friendly people.

They started their business in 1991 and now the pharmacy network Camelia has more than 300 pharmacies all over Lithuania, continuously improving sales of pharmaceuticals and other goods. Camelia’s E-shop is a convenient and customer-focused e-pharmacy. They are constantly working on improving their online store to make it easy to use and fast for their customers. User experience, customer journey and speed are all very important to this brand.

We started working with Camelia from June 2019 and so far Invertus has done numerous improvements on speed, usability and has helped with technical SEO improvements.

There are still many plans for Camelia’s and Invertus’ collaboration, however, we wanted to sit down with them and hear more about their thoughts on our current work together.

Below you can find our interview with UAB “Reklamos sklaida” Project Manager Andrius Vaitkevičius who is responsible for the Camelia’s webshop improvement project.

Why did you choose PrestaShop?

We chose PrestaShop because of its functionalities and strong community that supports it. We felt and still feel that there are many great opportunities with this platform.

The CMS itself is easy to use and manage, there’s a lot of plugins and functionalities. You can also find really strong developers and agencies to support your goals.

How did you start working with Invertus?

After some time of initial website development we started to look for new partners, that could “raise the bar” by updating & improving the website with the newest functionalities, technologies & solutions. With that in mind, we started looking for a new friendship and we were happy to find Invertus – our outlook on this project and collaboration is very much in-tact. 

What vision and goals have you had for this project?

We wanted to revamp our current eshop to be up-to-date with the latest trends, best practices, to look new and feel secure for our customers.

Our strategy for the upcoming months is to improve the current PrestaShop version and to make it as user-friendly as possible, both from the customer and administration perspective. Next year we plan to move to the newest PrestaShop 1.7 version as it would have many improvements and new features that we find useful. It would also be more secure which is very important to us.

How was working with Invertus in the beginning?

From the very first meeting of our we could see Invertus professionalism, that they have the experience and the knowledge to fit Platinum Agency criteria. We liked their attitude for problem-solving and the attention they gave to our needs.

Their services are of high quality, we like our cooperation and we are happy with the level of involvement that we get during the process – thanks to simple and clear communication we can easily get on-board at any time to solve important questions proactively and together. 

We are happy to work closely and to be a part of the project through all of its steps, from ideas to execution. Their service desk works great and we can always clarify our goals and plans in-person when needed. 

Overview of the project

Before starting to work with Invertus, Camelia had problems with website speed performance, content loading times and various UX issues for the end user.

We suggested addressing the most important issues step by step, always adjusting priorities when needed. Once Camelia is ready to switch to PrestaShop 1.7, it will be created in parallel to current v.1.6. shop and transferred completely to 1.7 once the website is created.

Currently we’ve done 3 phases to address the most important aspects of the current shop with plans for additional improvements

Phase I

Improve website loading speed for desktop users to lower bounce rates and improve conversions.

Phase II

Improve keyword rankings and overall seo score.

Based on Camelia’s partners SEO recommendations, we provided these improvements:

  • HTTP links redirected to HTTPS links, redirect 301 and 302 fixing
  • “nofollow” tags added for external and internal links
  • Sitemap.xml, , robots.txt files creation

Results: With the help of Camelia’s SEO partners, majority of technical SEO improvements have been implemented during May. Since then the overall keyword visibility and rankings have increased significantly.

Looking at the performance summary below you can see how Camelia’s keywords rankings have improved (majority falling into “top 3 search results” category), with SEO visibility and traffic growing in parallel.

Phase III
Fixing important bugs and improved administrative functionalities
Phase IV
Continuing to improve the overall user experience

To summarize, over the course of multiple months working with Camelia, Invertus has focused on improving user experience, customer journeys, website speed and, with the help of other professionals, their SEO rankings. 

We hope that their success story can show that positive change can happen in small but efficient, measurable and beneficial steps. And when you are operating on a large scale, all these aspects are especially important.