Come and learn more about e-commerce opportunities!

We invite you to participate in Invertus interactive booth on October 11-13, during the exhibition “Rinkis prekę lietuvišką 2019”.

More and more businesses are moving into the digital space. Seeing the growing market demand for e-Stores and the lack of information in Lithuania, we want to show you how easy and fast your business can be transferred to online. The purpose of Invertus is to educate Lithuanian business about the possibilities of the PrestaShop platform. Also, during the exhibition Invertus team members who specialize in content marketing, PrestaShop programming and sales will be waiting for you at the booth to answer all the questions related to store management and other e-commerce-related problems.We think it is worth visiting our booth if you:

  • Wondering how you can improve your sales
  • You are curious to hear about the latest e-commerce trends
  • Want to know more about the different types of e-commerce tools and solutions

Participants will have a chance to bring their products to the Invertus booth, where a professional photographer, content creator and programmer will be waiting for you. You will get professional photos in real-time and with the help of our developer upload them to an online store and learn how easy it is to administrate your website. Just three steps and your items are now online!

This process is completely free and will take only a couple of minutes of your time. You can use the photos you receive in the future and get useful information and tips about e-commerce.

Here are three steps to learn how to manage the e-shop:

  1. The photographer will take a photo of the product and tell you more about the visual presentation of the product. Also, he will share tips on how to properly market your product on the website. This is a great opportunity to use the photos you take in the future and find useful tips on visualizing your site and product.
  1. The content writer will create a clear and attractive description of the features and characteristics of the product you are solving.
  1. New product photos and descriptions will be uploaded within the seconds to e-Store specifically created for this event. Invertus developer will introduce you to the product upload process and teach you how to do it yourself.

Throughout the process, the Invertus team will also answer any questions you may have related to the site administration, e-Store, the pros and cons of commercial tools and will advise you on the most appropriate solution for your business.

Also, all exhibition participants can easily find your products in the e-store “Lietuviška prekė”. Visitors will be able to create a purchase request and receive your contacts.

For all other useful information, visit Invertus booth no. G1.8.1 fl. in the gallery. Online business owners, agencies and all other interested visitors are warmly invited for consultation. See you there!