Little details that make a difference toward more eco-friendly shopping


Millennials are pushing brands to become socially and environmentally responsible. It’s easy to understand why the term ‘eco-friendly packaging’ is clearly more than a buzzword. Incorporating the enviro-friendly approach in your brand’s operations is no longer an option – it’s a necessity.

While we can’t claim it for sure that this shift towards social responsibility is entirely noble, the fact that customers consider eco-friendly products and packaging as superior is true. A 2018 Nielsen study showed that 66 percent of global respondents were not only willing to pay more but also looking for enviro-friendly packaging and products. A number that has undoubtedly risen as consciousness has increased.

We share a few tips on how simple changes could lead to an eco-friendly brand transformation. 

#1. Eco-friendly based packaging

Our graphic design team reckons that the prevailing package design trends for 2020, without a doubt, include a steady shift to a more eco-friendly, sustainable approach to packaging. From aluminum bottles for refillable shampoos, cotton bags, or recycled-cardboard boxes totally eliminating plastic for eco-friendly shipping. There are countless and creative ways to change the way packaging could look like. It’s great to see more and more brands choosing the climate-saving direction. 

We share a couple of trending ideas on how to make your e-store a more eco-friendly place.


  • Recycled materials such as plastic, paperboard, cardboard, and other can be reconstituted to create new items. Both recycled and recyclable materials widely available and can be used for your packaging with ease.
  • Take into consideration unique, innovative, or high tech materials. For instance, think of using inks made from foods or milk proteins rather than harsh chemicals. Bioplastics, plant-based (cornstarch, seaweed), and forest-friendly paper are just a few ways you can help the environment with your packaging choices.
  • Using paper instead of plastic bags is a cheaper and more sustainable way of packaging. We believe that a well-skilled designer can quickly turn a simple-looking paper bag into a unique piece of art. While being an inexpensive choice to personalize your brand, it’s also an excellent possibility to treat your customers with an additional perk. 

Maybe you don’t even need the packaging at all? Though such an approach may not work with all products, many brands have found creative ways to alter their products to eliminate the need for packaging. Whether by condensing liquid formulas, incorporating packaging into the product, or arranging products in different ways, there are various ways that you can change the amount of packaging used without compromising product quality.

#2. Delivery options

Working towards more eco-friendly shopping includes thinking about ways to reduce carbon footprint in your brand operations. Post Nord – a Swedish post company helps its clients to manage their shipping process. Customers can easily change their home address, name, or delivery times. It’s very convenient for both the business and customers as well as saves CO2, which is not emitted for repeated attempts to deliver your purchase in wain.

Implementing functionalities such as various delivery options together with your company’s warehouses would help to better organize operational processes. The customers’ could decide whether or not they prefer to receive goods urgently. If they can wait a little longer – the merchant could bulk several packages into one shipment, deliver to parcel lockers instead of a home or business address. That would be a conscious approach to shopping! 

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#3. The importance of Omnichannel

Getting customers’ attention gets more and more complicated. If you haven’t done so already, 2020, and the post lock-down rush for recovery is a perfect excuse to refresh your brand story and ensure you’re conveying it compellingly, across all brand assets, packaging, and touchpoints. 

The recent searches find that millennials are conducting grueling research before placing an order, and they do so using multiple channels and sources. Adopting the omnichannel approach and being consistent in your brand communication is getting critical more than ever. 

Omnichannel not only helps to provide better customers’ experience. It could also contribute to sound business results. Recent research shows that around 62 % of customers who return the products to the shop are more likely not only to buy another product but also to spend more than the value of the original purchase. Buyers would be happy with the enhanced experience. It would save some CO2 from being emitted for repeated shipments, too.

Going to an entirely eco-friendly company might take some time.

People care more and more about how their shopping actions contribute to climate change. Think about ways of how your products could be packed in a more responsible way? Even a little step towards an eco-friendly way of packaging will work as a big bonus to becoming a more sustainable company that customers tend to trust and believe.


We hope our article gave you some inspiration on how your brand could become more enviro-friendly by introducing little changes. We are always ready to share some concepts and client’s examples of how well-implemented shipment integrations and other functionalities could attract more customers and grow your business.  

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