GYMNATION: a success story with Invertus

GYMNATION is a training apparel brand established in Oulu Finland in 2018, specializing in high quality and exceptional comfort sportswear. 

Since meeting them in November 2018 we had a great pleasure working together to help them create an e-shop that brings GYMNATION brand to life and tells its unique story. After having their website launched, we’re excited to share our success story of working with them. Below you will find Gymnation founder’s Aleksi’s interview about how our project went.

Why did you choose PrestaShop?

In the beginning we were considering choosing between all of the major eCommerce platforms, however, we soon found that PrestaShop had the best plugins available feature-wise and license-free platform was attractive budget-wise so we decided to choose it. Our earlier experiences with Magento didn’t work out very well as it was just too expensive to maintain and update and we wanted to have a shop more lightweight and flexible.

Also, we wanted to have all automated integration to our 3rd party warehouse management system and PrestaShop was easy to get integrated with. Now all the orders go automatically from the PrestaShop to WMS and we can focus on the core business, no matter if we are traveling or having event sales, etc.  

The only issue I faced with PrestaShop is that there aren’t many PrestaShop developers or agencies available in Finland. It’s great to see agencies like Invertus that operates not only in Baltics but also in the Scandinavian region. We really enjoyed working together to create our new eStore.

How did you start working with Invertus?

When we started developing our web-shop, we had our own PrestaShop part-time developer in Finland, who was responsible for launching it. During the development process, we faced a problem – we saw that we won’t be able to meet our deadline unless we partner up with an agency. So we started looking for PrestaShop partners and found Invertus, who helped us meet our project’s deadline within our budget. We were happy that there was a whole dedicated team to solve various questions of ours.

What vision/goals you’ve had for this project?

As we are not regular retail but a brand store, the visual side of our eShop was very important to us. Invertus did a great job with creating responsive and UX-friendly design, which is very important since over 80% of our visitors are mobile users.

We worked on customizing various parts to make this website responsive and easy to use throughout the whole user journey. And that goes not only for the UI – we optimized the speed of multiple pages’, implemented fast payment solutions, the multi-language interface as well as other features that improved customers’ experience.

It was a big plus that they had the expertise and technical knowledge to provide multiple solutions to fulfill our needs and meet our vision for the shop. Moreover, they gave insights on how to implement features that were important to us. 

It is not always so easy to find developers who have a good eye and competence in front-end development and understand how to make a responsive shop. I felt that they were speaking my language as they always approached my needs from the most simple perspective and easily explained whether and how things should be done on PrestaShop platform. 

What success metrics have shown you that you had a successful project?

Since Gymnation is all new business, we don’t really have previous metrics for comparison.  However, I could say that they did a great job of meeting my deadlines and staying within the budget. 

We didn’t have to compromise on the quality of work or the number of features we got either, which is pleasant and pretty unusual from my experience. It was great to not be surprised by any hidden cost during the process of development.

What was working with us from beginning to end?

From the start, Invertus was very easy to work with and we didn’t have any issues whatsoever. We had an introduction to everything and we always knew about which phase of the project we were at. Even though we might have had some cultural differences, the communication between us was very smooth and easy. During the process, we had weekly calls and stand-ups so we never felt like something was left behind. 

If something was needed to be changed during development, we were always told upfront about it and got suggestions on the best alternatives to meet our needs. They were always transparent about which approaches are possible and which aren’t given our time and budget.

Overview of the project:

In November 2018, Invertus teamed-up with Gymnation to create a customer-centered branded e-shop. The eShop came to life in time and met both Invertus and Gymnation expectations. 

The shop currently holds 30% bounce rate and 4.03 pages/session on average, which are excellent benchmarks of user engagement if compared with other e-commerce shops in general.

Overview of the shop features 

Here is a quick summary of what was done during the process of development. 

  • Shoppable Instagram feed
  • Integrations with Klarna, DHL, GLS, Posti
  • Custom 1-page quick checkout design
  • Multicurrency and Multilanguage support
  • Responsive, intuitive and clean design
  • Custom branded design on the homepage, category page, product, and other pages

To find out more about Gymnation and their story behind the brand visit