How can you grow your expertise in PrestaShop?

A constant thirst for knowledge is one of the main pillars of successful growth. Ecommerce sector is growing fast and to stay on top you have to continually improve your skills. Keeping up with the latest PrestaShop version updates as well as dealing with technical eShop problems requires a certain amount of time dedicated to updating your knowledge. If you’re starting to feel that your online business is getting more complex and searching for the answers online doesn’t provide the results you expected, it might be a perfect time to grow your expertise. 

Being a member of PrestaShop community opens a lot of opportunities to share your knowledge and learn from eCommerce experts. In the article, we will share the different opportunities on how to grow your expertise level.   

Check out PrestaShop blogs and forums. It’s a great source where certified experts share their knowledge and expertise in various fields. All the tips are written by PrestaShop experts or agencies and are approved by PrestaShop team, so it’s a reliable information source to find more information about marketing, IT or sales dedicated to PrestaShop merchants and agencies.  

Forums and social media groups are another great platforms where like-minded people share their knowledge as well as help community members to solve technical issues.

Participating in PrestaShop events and local meetups. One of the best things of belonging to the PrestaShop community is the possibility to participate in local and worldwide events. There are many active community members in general, web including agencies and PrestaShop itself that organize monthly community and meetups’ events in various cities around the world. It’s a great chance to attend workshops, learn about the newest technology trends and try everything out yourself. During the events, you can meet and talk with PrestaShop team, get consulted by professionals from various fields as well as meet future clients. For example, we are hosting an annual event in Kaunas, Lithuania which attracts and connects different agencies, freelancers and merchants. 

Become a PrestaShop ambassador. If you’re passionate about PrestaShop community and would like to spread the knowledge among other people, becoming PrestaShop Ambassador is a great way to do so. By becoming a part of a network of trusted Community Members you could be an official representative of PrestaShop in your region. Ambassadors initiate a wide variety of community-building activities and in return, they receive exclusive perks that include training, tools, other material, and online recognition. So if you’re a freelancer and looking for an opportunity to build up your expertise, share your knowledge and grow the community, this opportunity might be exactly what you need. 

Attend official PrestaShop training. By getting PrestaShop training you will be able to learn both front and back-office development skills which will help to cut development time in half. Attending official training means that you will be able to learn for the best PrestaShop developers. The perks of attending the training are that you get a deeper understanding of how PrestaShop platform works and it could help to have less stress when a technical problem occurs on your website and you will have to explain it to the developer in order to solve it. Being an expert in your field will not only boost your confidence and expertise level but also might help you to find and work with bigger clients.

It might look like official training is only for bigger companies, but don’t get mistaken. If you’re running a small eBusiness, it’s also worth it to consider finishing the training course. Attending the training will give you a deeper understanding of how PrestaShop platform works and it could help to have less stress when a technical problem occurs on your website and you will have to explain it to the developer in order to solve it.

Consider getting PrestaShop Certifications. You are probably wondering is it worth it to become a certified agency and should you do it? Becoming a member of PrestaShop’s Expert Network gives you access to company listings from which companies, from small to enterprise-level businesses can contact you and might become your future clients. Becoming one of the PrestaShop certified experts gives you an opportunity to spread an eCommerce knowledge through PrestaShop media platforms and build up your credibility in the PrestaShop community. In addition to that, you would benefit from PrestaShop brand awareness and top visibility on the PrestaShop official website. 

All in all, growing your expertise is a long-term process and it’s worth to invest your time, energy and sometimes money to become a PrestaShop expert. Depending on the level of expertise you would like to reach, choose one or a couple of different things mentioned above to gain more credibility in eCommerce word.

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