In Case You Missed It: Key Takeaways of PrestaShop eCommerce week

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The amazing week full of 60 live seminars online organized by PrestaShop is over. We’re happy to share our key takeaways of the event in case you’ve missed it.

eCommerce without the frontiers

“I’m delighted to be here with you today for this first Prestashop eCommerce week. A new fully digital event that has been created to gather a full commerce ecosystem today and the days to come. For us, it’s completely new and it’s great to have you from all over the world despite the constraints of the crisis” said Alexandre Eruimy, CEO of PrestaShop, in his opening speech. He tackled tough questions on how the world-affected situation changed consumers’ shopping habits and how businesses shifted their presence online. In parallel with the quickly evolving eCommerce sector, merchants are proactively searching for ways to expand omnichannel opportunities to stand out in this competitive market.

There were not only presentations by PrestaShop but also several great speeches given by the PrestaShop partners such as OhMyWeb!, DataFeedWatch, Be-we, WebImpacto, and other well-known online businesses. 

Security is always a huge topic. Mathieu Ferment, the Senior Core developer from PrestaShop, shared the extensive review of PrestaShop security processes. During the seminar, Mathieu revealed that more than 15.1 million cases of stolen customers’ data (up by 300 % to comparison with 2018) happened worldwide last year based on EU statistics research. “As PHP and Javascript ecosystem accelerate releases frequently, PrestaShop does not linger.” Mathieu added, “In 2020, we’ve already done significant changes in vulnerability report processes to proactively prevent any problems in the future.”

We believe everyone was as excited to hear the latest versions of PrestaShop are coming. According to Pablo Borowicz, the Core Development Manager of PrestaShop, the TOP 5 eCommerce platforms are moving fast forward to adopt the new framework. 57 % of all PrestaShop pages are already migrated to Symfony, while 61 pages are still waiting to be migrated. The future of Prestashop looks bright!

Alexandre Darmon, Lead Product Manager from PrestaShop, outlined the best tips on payment solutions in PrestaShop. According to the European eCommerce report 2019, the usage of credit cards in Western European countries varies between 20 to 88 percent, while the alternative payment methods predominate certain countries up to 88 percent. Alexandre also noted that merchants lose half of the leads if the e-store lacks the majority of payments. With the growing number of payment methods and businesses going borderless, gathering all the payment methods under one roof with one payment solution provider such as Mollie, Klarna, PayPal checkout, or Stripe is a way to long-term success. 

There were also presentations on how we could improve eCommerce from better conversions rates to successful ERP integrations. Brouker Bribi, the QA Automation Engineer of PrestaShop, and Simon Carny QA Manager from PrestaShop spoke about the automated tests on PrestaShop and how it could enhance the processes of the eCommerce platform.

By the way, if you’ve missed the online speeches, you can watch replays here.

Our top takeaways of the event

  • Merchants are losing up to half leads if the e-shop lacks a variety of payment options.
  • With the quick shift in customers’ shopping behavior, e-shop owners looking for omnichannel opportunities to attract more customers.
  • Google Shopping is a great tool for every merchant who is seeking additional ways to attract consumers.
  • PrestaShop is actively seeking to improve its vulnerability processes, therefore 2020 will be called the year of security. 
  • The future of PrestaShop is bright: the 57% pages of the platform are already migrated to the Symfony framework.

What are yours? Share in the comments below.

Big thumbs up to PrestaShop and its partners that constantly organize various events from PrestaShop Day Paris to smaller events and community gatherings around the world. 

Having a PrestaShop strategic partnership comes a responsibility to expand and educate the PrestaShop community. Therefore we happily organize various community events and for the last two years, we’ve hosted PrestaShop Connect Baltics events that are the biggest eCommerce events in Baltics states. Afterall, PrestaShop is a community-based platform and we believe that events like these give great opportunities to connect and share ideas between likeminded people. 

Let’s hope that event’s success will unlock new opportunities for all of us. We’re looking forward to participating and sharing meaningful eCommerce insights next time!

Stay tuned for the upcoming news!

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