Every e-store nowadays focuses marketing and SEO is a huge part of it. SEO is responsible for bringing in organic traffic, promoting your brand and helping with overall sales activities. Even though being professional in this field takes years of studying and practice, you can however, ensure that your store

Dear PrestaShop community,

On behalf of whole Invertus team, I would like to congratulate all PrestaShop community including agencies, industry partners, ambassadors, merchants as well as developers, translators and other contributors with a big new step - PrestaShop together with Invertus stepped in Scandinavian and Baltic regions recently.

After working

Everyone loves intuitive, convenient and user-friendly designs and when it comes to PrestaShop, all of this can be easily achieved. With the help of many modules, any user can customize their e-shop to fit their exact needs in the best way. Since there are so many modules available in the

The easiness of creating an e-shops has brought a lot of competition since everyone can have it at this time. Nevertheless, having an e-shop doesn’t mean having a sustainable business that sells well. You can spend a bunch of money on promotion, bringing in traffic, but that doesn’t mean that

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