All You Need to Know Before Updating to the PrestaShop 1.7.7

Technical capabilities and user expectations grow higher with every version update. That’s part of the technology-based business reality. 

According to PrestaShop, the latest version of PrestaShop is by far the one that will significantly impact your store’s commercial success. We share our insights on how PrestaShop changes might improve the store’s performance and customers’ experience.

Improved security

One of the best things about version updates is the increased security of modules that directly improve the resilience of your e-store to the malware attacks. We recall the security breach of several PrestaShop modules at the beginning of January which. It had affected several e-stores, leaving some with significant damage. Read more about PrestaShop security breach here. Although PrestaShop quickly resolved the issues, this event proved the importance of modules’ security.

To avoid future issues, all modules currently offered in Addons Marketplace will be scrutinized to ensure their compatibility with the highest security standards. Therefore, changes will contribute to the overall security of your website. Safety should always be among the top priorities of your store. 

Improvements in the search bar

The smoother the management of an e-store, the more time you can dedicate to marketing and business development. The latest search engine improvements include an auto-complete functionality capable of understanding some of the mistakes your customer makes and is still capable of finding the needed product faster.

PrestaShop comes multilingual out of the box: there is one default language (the one you used to install it), and many more are available to download. Follow the link to read more about what languages does PrestaShop support. 


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Long-waited order page improvements

In the earlier versions of PrestaShop, you had to modify orders’ statuses (pending, delivered, canceled) one by one. Improvements to the UX allow for viewing and changing multiple order statuses using a simple dropdown-list and changing their statuses in a bulk action manner. It may not be such a big deal if you have only a few orders per day to process. You’ll quickly notice the advantage as soon as your store gains in popularity, though.

Considering more and more people buy online, checking and updating the status of every single order becomes a time-consuming and extremely energy-intensive task. Automating the processes and saving time for working on a strategy or simply providing better services to your customers, might be a great idea, isn’t it?

If your store still lacks purpose-built integrations, we suggest choosing any of the payment and shipment modules with automatic order status change functionality integrated with it. Check out our shipment & payment modules that automatically change order statuses.

UX improvements

With every new PrestaShop version release, both front-end and back-office interfaces get updated with the latest UX refinements that improve efficiency, intuitiveness, and ease of process management.

For example, in the orders’ page, the interaction buttons are placed at the top of the page for easier access. The product panel is moved up on the page for better readability that saves time from scrolling to the page bottom.

Moreover, the new and improved communication interface will provide a quicker and smoother dialogue between you and your customers. The interface is updated to meet the latest UX trends. 

Faster responses to customers’ questions might yield a higher conversion rate. Thanks to a more intuitive interface, you’ll avoid erroneously sending private messages to your customers. Happy customers, happy business!

It might be wise to consider seeking for the professional help

PrestaShop offers a one-click update module. Though, you should check all of the installed modules and custom template compatibility first. If, for example, your e-store is built around a template with customized functionalities, the automatic update may damage the code and compromise functionality of your e-store. Why might it happen? 

An automatic upgrade will change only the default template, whereas additional and customized features will be left behind. If that is the case, you’ll inevitably need professional support, only it’ll come after the store will cease operating, or some features will stop working. Another problem is that an automatic update could violate already installed modules and could interfere with the operation of the e-store. It’s essential to check if installed modules are compatible with the custom template before you proceed with the installation.

Updating to the latest version will require you to upgrade your hosting server to the newest version of PHP 7.1. The older PHP versions won’t support the newest version of the PrestaShop. Some hosting providers can help you upgrade the server version by only one click, but keep in mind that it won’t automatically update your code. 

As mentioned before, with numerous customized functionalities in place, your store is susceptible to various technical issues, thus updating it in an automated manner might not work well at all. It may take your store to a standstill 

To proactively counter any possible issues, we’ve created an online store’s official security audit procedure. 

Few essential checks should be made to ensure your e-store will operate uninterrupted. The audit procedure includes:

  • General design theme security check of the order form pages;
  • File structure security check;
  • PHP and PrestaShop version compatibility check;
  • General security check for three selected modules of your choice.

To find out more about this custom analysis for your store, please check the link below.

If you haven’t tried to update to the latest version before, perhaps it would be a great idea to discuss it with experienced solution providers before making the first step. We’re ready to help you out!

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