How to improve my e-shop’s sales?

The easiness of creating an e-shops has brought a lot of competition since everyone can have it at this time. Nevertheless, having an e-shop doesn’t mean having a sustainable business that sells well. You can spend a bunch of money on promotion, bringing in traffic, but that doesn’t mean that incoming visitors will turn out to be your customers. A lot of store owners might be asking why their traffic doesn’t convert as expected – “Why does my shop receive loads of traffic but leads to no sales?” or “Why do I have very low sales numbers?”
These are the questions we will try to answer shortly with this article. Here’s what you should and shouldn’t do to improve your e-shop’s sales.


  1. Not having a niche. If you are trying to focus on every possible target audience by selling thousands of unrelated items, your store simply won’t stand out. Let’s say if you want to sell clothes, why not narrow it down to women clothes?
    Women clothes are still very general, competitive market, so why not narrow this further down to women accessories?
    That’s a way better approach, but to start out smart, why not begin by offering only unique and tailored necklaces or another category of jewelry? Anyone interested in necklaces will be more likely to purchase from a dedicated necklace store than a store which sells shoes, phone cases, backpacks and necklaces.
    It’s better to start with a specific niche and grow with related products from there.
  2. Not putting effort into branding. If your store looks exactly like every other default store you are less likely to be trusted or chosen if there are other better-looking alternatives. It’s highly possible that someone won’t mind searching a bit longer for a shop that looks more trustworthy and sells similar products to your catalog. Spend some time into finding a theme that fits your niche and the target audience, invest some money in proper looking logo, design elements, creative copy of the website.
  3. Poor UI/UX design. User experience is very important – make sure to have a clean, easy to navigate website that doesn’t take minutes to load between pages.
    Use clear navigation menus, don’t interrupt the browsing customers with loads of unnecessary popups, make sure you have a specific goal for each page and know what functions it should serve. If anything stops you from browsing of your e-shop easily, fix it right away.
    To ensure this, you can install heatmaps that show exactly where your visitors browse, stay and spend the most or the least time or have an outside expert make an UI/UX review.
  4. Not spending enough time to ensure your e-shop is complete. Simple things like spelling mistakes can make your customers think twice before purchasing. Put some effort in taking or sourcing pictures of your products. Don’t copy and paste product descriptions but spend time in making the product copy unique so it sells. Be sure to take advantage of free stock images for your own website to separate you from others. If you have more time to spend, product videos are the best form of media possible these days. Especially when you want to sell your products.

After you implement most of these changes in the website, you should feel the difference in your sales quickly.  If you don’t feel comfortable enough to make some of the technical changes yourself, you can always reach out to our agency to get the best team working on your project. You can reach out to us by writing an email to [email protected] or filling up contact form in