This month Invertus has some exciting news to share – our office in Denmark has grown! Simone Chimera has joined us to be Invertus CCO, responsible for growing PrestaShop presence in the Scandinavian region!
He has a lot of interesting insights, that’s why we want to share our short interview that we had with him in the beginning of February.


Simone, tell us about yourself!

My name is Simone Chimera, I’m 32 years old, originally from Italy. I’m a passionate Business Developer & Strategist, Coach of startup central in Denmark, member of several Fintech delegations and a single father of 10-year-old girl. How do I do it all?

I’ve found the perfect balance – One week I’m working like a horse, travelling around Europe, building partnerships and trying to push the limit and boundaries continuously. The other week I have an ordinary family life with my daughter, where we go out, make dinner, I help her with homework, get her to school and so on.

I recently joined as a coach for a big startup community where I give out free advices on strategy, growth and execution to over 2000 members. I respect entrepreneurs immensely, and I have become skilled at strategically executing their visions. My passion is people, growth and development – Without these three things in the equation, companies can’t grow, ”says Simone Chimera.

To share some of my work experience – I’ve spent close to 7 years in building trust online – in Trustpilot. When the company reached close to 600 employees and 5 offices, I realized that payment sector needed changes. For too many years the consumers & businesses weren’t educated enough in how to ask for demands and there was a lack of transparency in the pricing structure. That’s why I joined Yourpay and commercialized its business model with one main idea – to make payments easy and transparent for everyone. During my 3 years at Yourpay we’ve set new demands in the market about how merchants should look at payments. Now I have joined Invertus to unfold the growth opportunities in the PrestaShop ecosystem.

How did you meet Invertus? What were your first impressions?

Invertus saw huge opportunities in growing PrestaShop ecosystem in Scandinavian markets. Payment providers were crucial to its growth, that’s why I got in contact with its founder and CEO – Linas, who’s been working very closely with PrestaShop since 2008. When I understood the role Invertus has in Prestashop, met the company, saw their values and their solutions on PrestaShop, I knew that if I wanted to make some meaningful changes in e-commerce, Invertus was the right place to join.

I have big respect for the work Invertus has been doing, for the markets they are developing and for the technologies that they are able to unfold for many partners and PrestaShop themselves. I’m very fascinated by Invertus’ commitment, knowledge and know-how on the PrestaShop platform with its core technology. I see a very talented company with people that are good by heart and also they’re A-level performers. As of today Invertus has a marketing, sales, development, project management, human resource and management teams, all with the same eagerness of achieving its mission.

I loved my visit here at Invertus office in Kaunas. I feel super integrated into the company. I was never in doubt, but now I’m 110% sure that the values of the company are a solid foundation of this company’s work. It’s absolutely amazing. The strategy that Invertus has is some of the best I’ve ever seen. Now it’s only a matter of execution.

What’s the strategy for Scandinavian region? What would you like to share with the community?

We’re here to unfold the growth opportunities in the PrestaShop ecosystem, by doing following main initiatives:
• Re-claim ourselves as an eCommerce leader with Digital responsibility.
• Invite all local scandinavian suppliers into the platform to enrich key areas of eCommerce for a better consumer experience.
• Focus on businesses and consumers user journeys to enable us, to provide segmented communications based on data insights.
• Grow our community by organizing “business breakfasts”, meetups, conferences and other events.

“We’ll do our best to incorporate best things we see in Europe and we will fight 110% to really enforce the whole ecosystem. We’ll run a little bit extra every day – You can see how much this can compound on a yearly basis it the picture below”.

If we were to say a bit more of our Scandinavian plans in few steps..

First and foremost, we want to build-up partnerships with ambassadors and industry partners, to ensure that we have the right modules and the right tools for PrestaShop merchants.

Secondly we’ll continue to create & foster a circle of good agencies and Invertus partners that will help us achieving our goals. This step goes in hand with “meeting our community” by organizing business breakfasts for agencies, partners, merchants and to showcase our agencies best-in-class projects.

Afterwards, we’ll take responsibility in educating shop owners & agencies about what their expectations for other members of the ecosystem should be and how we can all grow together. For that reason we’re going to attend conferences and push out training programs for developers, merchants and web-owners.

Finally, our PrestaShop community in Scandinavia needs to have opportunities that helps their business, to let them scale into other markets and countries as well. That’s why I’m here. I’m here to help them grow and find a solutions on how we can integrate the best solutions in the market to make this ecosystem work in Scandinavia. We need to integrate the best payment, delivery, warehousing, accounting, marketplace and marketing tool providers.

I’m happy for the opportunity and the responsibility to help build whole PrestaShop ecosystem in Scandinavia. We’re very open for partnerships – everyone is very welcome to reach out. I’d love to get an email from anyone – if you’re not satisfied, let me hear from you as well!

What kind of trends do you see in the market? How will you take advantage of them?

We’re entering industry 4.0 with a trend of automation and data exchange globally. We are asking our voice-assistants to buy us goods and send them automatically to our home. To support this trend we need to build up the right connectors and partners to help the next generation enforce this.

Looking at the pace of how technologies scale currently, we are heading to a smarter future, where consumers don’t need to or have to do everything themselves. Everything is becoming automated and synchronized. The same should go for the merchants – one installation click should result in integrations with marketplaces and administration systems for both online and retail stores. “Companies need to be represented and benefit from sales channels in webshops, marketplaces, SoMe channels and in-stores. We must give them the opportunities to grow in all 4 channels. Omni-experience also needs to be brought to the table, which is what Invertus will work on”.

How can people find you?

You can email me at [email protected] and we’ll be sure to get back to you as fast as we can!