Monthly module in review: Product Bundle Advanced


Since the e-commerce market is gradually developing further, many valuable features are being created for merchants and customers, to enrich their online experience. Through PrestaShop, one can access a plethora of modules, extending and upgrading your e-commerce presence. But since there are so many of choices out in the market, the Invertus team – Premium PrestaShop experts for 10 years – would be more than happy to assist you in making the best decisions for your business.

This month, we would like to present the Product Bundle Advanced module. It provides the customers with the functionality, which allows them to create and form bundles right in the front office. Creating bundles of products was never so easy!

The main principle of this module: is that it allows your customer to create custom product packs from already predefined list of products by the merchant.





This module enables your customers to form a pack by choosing their products and attributes. The difference from PrestaShop functionality is that with this module, customers are able to change the attributes (like size, color, etc.) of selected products on the same page flexibly and merchants can create bundles faster with each product, regardless of how many attribute combinations (all possible combinations of sizes, colors and etc.) the product might have. As an example, this module allows many combinations to be made: combining clothes with various sizes, building a custom computer, filling a box of biscuits and more.



Here is a list of a few more reasons how Product Bundle Advanced can be beneficial for you:

  • You can display bundle content selection in different places (hooks) and even have a custom hook;
  • You can allow some products to be sold only in the bundle;
  • You can allow customers choose the content of the bundle only from specified categories;
  • You can allow customers choose the content of the bundle only from predefined products;
  • You can disallow to have products in the bundle even if the category of the product is allowed.

These are the key points of the Product Bundle Advanced module. With exceptional flexibility, this module allows your customers to create almost any bundles of products, making it possible for the customers to get exactly what they need, as well as making the purchasing process easier.

If this module sounds interesting, but doesn’t exactly fit your needs, you can always reach out to [email protected] for a custom solution created for your business.