Monthly module in review: Product to PDF Simple

Every time we visit an e-shop, the first thing that meets the eye is whether the website is easy to use or not. This is usually decided by many other functionalities, which are present in the website. With PrestaShop, it becomes easier to manage which functionalities should be in the e-shop, by using a selection of many various modules. Since there are so many of them, the Invertus team – PrestaShop experts of 10 years – would like to assist you in making the best decisions towards your business.

This month, we are presenting the Product to PDF Simple, which enables your customers to view, download and print product information in PDF file format.

The main idea of this module: is that it allows your customers to download the product information and use it personally, helping them make a decision later.

This module helps you to provide more detailed information to your customers in one place, by configuring the PDF template to showcase the best that your products can offer. When uploading the PDF file layout, all your products would showcase their respective information according to the layout template.

Here is a list of couple reasons how Product to PDF Simple can be beneficial for you:

  • The module delivers detailed product description to the customer;
  • Helps the customer to make a faster buying decision;
  • Raises the conversion rate;
  • Customers can share the product PDF with others;

These are the main points of Product to PDF Simple module. With wide customization choices, this module enables you to present the best information to the customer about your products, which encourages the customers to share and use this information in many ways.