Monthly module in review: Blog Simple

Everyone loves intuitive, convenient and user-friendly designs and when it comes to PrestaShop, all of this can be easily achieved. With the help of many modules, any user can customize their e-shop to fit their exact needs in the best way. Since there are so many modules available in the PrestaShop marketplace, our Invertus team – PrestaShop professionals of 10 years – wants to help you in choosing the best modules for your shops.


This month we are presenting the Blog Simple, which lets you simply set up a blog in your shop, write articles that can be easily accessed and include your products in those articles.


The main idea behind this module: is that it enables communication with the customers and helps to promote your products by sharing relevant news, stories and events with your customers.


This module helps you by seamlessly creating a blog section in your shop so you can easily engage with your customers by sharing the most up-to-date news about your products, business or events. A simple module installation will let you write articles without having the need for a separate blog dedicated website.The interface of this module is very simple and user-friendly, making it easy to use for everyone.


Here’s a couple of reasons how Blog Simple is beneficial for you:

  • Increases useractivity and returning visitors
  • Promotes your productsby sharing news or stories with customers
  • Enables communicationbetween you and your customers
  • Interesting content and product placement will raise your conversion rate.



These are the key points behind the Blog Simple. We believe that it is, truly, a simple module, which provides crucial value to the customers, ensuring efficient communication between the merchant and the customer.