Eureka! New Prestashop Support Packages Are Out!

Service quality is the most important thing clients consider when choosing an e-shop development company to provide technical support for their e-shop and help them scale their business in leaps and bounds, against the backdrop of an ever-changing technological ecosystem.
Failure to contact the most sought-after technical support advocates, engineers and managers that provide elevated levels of add-ons and support services, might turn out badly to your company.

You wouldn’t want your company to fail right?

Of course, you wouldn’t, but the company could fail if you don’t make timely technical support decisions to ensure the longevity of your company.

Irrespective of whether you are a startup or an industry leader, we’ve got well-designed, thoroughly conceived packages, guaranteed to provide astounding user expertise and effectuate long-term success.

Our technical team is a thriving force that turns the screws to deliver the fastest triage and improve the system performance of our business-critical clients.

What Are The Benefits Of Outsourcing IT Support To Us?

Cutbacks on IT Expenses

Outsourcing converts fixed IT costs into alterable costs and enables you to budget effectively. You only pay for what you use, lowering your budget ultimately. It also reduces the cost of hiring and training IT staff.

Improved Competitive Edge

Suppose your business is still growing, it might be an uphill task to attempt to perform all IT Services in-house just as big organizations that undertake greater research, development, and implementation time do. A good outsourcing enterprise will deliver the same capacities that the bigwigs enjoy, avoiding the huge costs that are ultimately passed on to customers.

Focus on Your Core Business

Businesses have finite resources, therefore, every manager has a finite amount of time and attention span. Outsourcing helps your company remain focused on its core mission without overkilling your mind with overwhelmingly complex IT decisions.


Here at Invertus we can ensure to circumvent anyone from breaching security and have devised more efficient and emphatic ways to deal with possible security issues of your e-shop.

The Best Products on Offer

Our newly released services are tailored to satisfy your needs and optimize your growth:

Simple Module Installation Plan

Our PrestaShop Simple Module Installation Plan involves installation of new PrestaShop modules, ensuring their basic functionality while saving you some time and money. Our team will also be sure to provide some feedback about possible technical conflicts or additional configurations needed.

Advanced Module Installation Plan

Invertus’ team of accredited developers are on hand to provide enhanced functionality and unbeatable user experience for your ecommerce store by implementing advanced service modules, such as:  Analytics, Payment, SEO, Delivery module installations. Functionality testing, feedback from our team is also included.

Bug Fixing and Investigation plan

We can provide Module Modification Analysis, Theme Modification Analysis, give detailed reports regarding the applied procedures and workflow, and lots more, should you be faced with the crippling inconvenience caused by a bug in your Installation, module or theme. Our trained experts will fix the snag by analyzing error logs, providing a detailed report while resolving the issue in our Bug Fixing and Investigation Plan.

Troubleshooting Analysis

Rely on our expert guidance to find a solution when your site is not working. Our expert team will analyze the issue revising error logs, looking into your file structure to provide you with a detailed report or estimation to fix any issue. This service can include Module Modification Analysis, Theme Modification Analysis, and then provide detailed reports regarding the applied procedures and workflow.

PrestaShop Installation Plan

We will install a clean PrestaShop version of your choice (we strongly recommend the latest version). We can help you to choose a hosting plan to meet needed PrestaShop compatibility requirements if required! This service includes file transfer to your server; installation of PrestaShop core system version, and more.

Support and Maintenance Plan

Our one-year support plan ensures you will be covered when facing an occasional bug or in need of any other technical assistance any time! During the one year, we’ll respond to your needs within 72 hours of your ticket submission. Our team will guide you step by step and answer questions to help you spend less time maintaining your store and more time selling. This plan covers things such as: recommendations regarding your server, support for module installation (excluding configuration), installation advice, and more.

Upgrade to the latest 1.7 version

Do you have your shop running on PrestaShop 1.7.x and want to update to the latest 1.7 version? At Invertus, we will update your e-shop from current 1.7.x to the latest and most stable PrestaShop version. In addition, we can include such features as core modules migration, back-ups of your database and other services! This service includes analysis regarding the current shop state and its features, core modifications analysis, testing & ensuring successful results.

As a leading development company and PrestaShop Premium Partner, we are focused to provide best wide-ranging PrestaShop services to help support the best ecommerce platform available. All the above-mentioned plans together and our PrestaShop expert team are at your disposal to give you the best customer experience.

If there’s something else that you need help with, be sure to let us know by writing an email to [email protected]


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