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Auction Premium - Invertus

Auction Premium


Auction Premium consists of Common (also known as English) and Reverse (also known as Dutch) Auctions.

Merchant Benefits

  • Support for multishop!
  • Auction creates competition among buyers – auction price can exceed the price of a negotiated sale!
  • Auction generates excitement and heightens buyer interest.
  • Reduces the time product is on the market.
  • Auction brings customers to a decision point – they must act fast or loose an opportunity to purchase (No cooling off period).
  • Seller knows when the property will sell.
  • High buyer involvement in the shopping process.
  • Placing customers into an open competitive situation will usually achieve the best results.
  • The absence of a set price attracts buyers from all price ranges, with each having a different opinion as to what they would pay for your property.
  • Higher level of buyer activity.

Customer Benefits

  • Possibility to purchase the product at fair market value.
  • Ability to eliminate long negotiation periods.
  • Interactive time spent.
  • Ability to reduce time to buy product.
  • Satisfaction won auction.
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